Try Out ReferenceUSA!

The Library has just added a trial subscription to ReferenceUSA to its collection of databases. ReferenceUSA has vital information on every business and consumer in the United States and Canada. It assists business executives in finding valuable sales leads, conducting market research or competitive analysis, and provides an avenue for businesses to do effective marketing & outreach. Students are able to reference this data for research projects and job seekers may find gainful employment. ReferenceUSA provides data on businesses, consumers, healthcare providers, new movers and homeowners, as well as historical business information.

To begin using ReferenceUSA, visit our databases page or click here to be taken directly to the site. You will need your Woodbridge library card with a valid barcode to log in, after you “accept and continue” at the very bottom of the terms and conditions page. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.