Computer Appointments Begin November 10

UPDATE 12/14/20: Library now closed to the public due to rising COVID-19 cases.

Computer use is available during Express Service:
—Tuesdays: 11 am to 3 pm
—Thursdays: 4 pm to 7 pm
—Fridays: 1 pm to 4 pm

Computer use:
—Socially distant with three computers in use at one time.
—By appointment only, one session per patron per day.
—Each session is 45 minutes and starts on the hour.
—If no one has reserved the time after yours, you may stay an additional session, but no longer than two hours per day.
—Up to two people in a family unit are welcome to sit together at a computer station.
—Walk ins accommodated as space and time allow, especially for printing.

—Call or email the Reference Desk to book a time (203-389-3434,
—Future sessions may not be booked until current one is complete.
—If emailing to book an appointment, your session is not booked until you receive confirmation from a staff member.
—Adults may book reservations for a child; however, an adult must accompany any child under 12 at all times.

Due to Covid-19:
—Patrons assume all risks in entering the building and using our equipment.
—Library staff will disinfect the keyboard, mouse, and surrounding areas prior to the next patron’s use.
—Masks must be worn while in the building, including while at a computer.
—All food and drinks, including water, are forbidden at computers.
—Patrons must not make any adjustments or modifications to any safety measures that have been added by the Library.

Printing from our computers:
—Best to make an appointment to ensure computers are available.
—Costs: 10c per page for black & white; 25c per page for color.
—Free printing for first 10 pages of black & white OR 2 pages of color.
—Cash or check ONLY—no credit cards. Please have exact change when possible.

Technology assistance:
—Staff may only offer limited help and must keep socially distant.
—Patron is welcome to bring someone with them if they need further help, keeping within the two people per workstation guidelines.

Other technology in the building:
—Faxing, photocopying, and scanning all available during browsing/computer hours.
—No appointment needed.
—Faxing is $1 per page, maximum charge $10. Copying is 15c per page black & white; 25c per page in color. Scanning is always free and can be saved to a flash drive or emailed to the recipient.
—Cash or check ONLY—no credit cards. Please have exact change when possible.
—Self-service machine on the honor system! Please ask at any service desk for the access code and pay when finished.
—Staff may only offer limited help with these technologies.